e.lens Version 2.0.23 Beta Download
(For authorized e.lens clients and labs only)

Right click here then click the option "Save Target As", and then save as C:\ELENS\ELENS.EXE

Please note that this is a beta version of e.lens 2.0. When the final release is available, it will be automaticaly downloaded onto your computer and shouldn't require any changes to calibration or routine.
e.lens v2.0 contains several major improvements to the software including a new "Dual-Axis Calibration feature. This new calibration feature completely changes how e.lens scans, using a new mathematical model for lens edging. This virtual model of an edger and your lens allows you to see onscreen exactly how it will be cut, including any roundness it may add on corners for high A, low B shapes. Switching between dual-axis and regular calibration *does* require a calibration before sending any jobs over as your old calibration may be something simular to -232, while the new calibration might be something like +20 or -20.

Several other new features are available, including "Database". When Database is turned on in configuration, clicking "New" from the main screen will present the ability to store commonly used shapes. After you've stored a shape, you can click the shape on any future job and morph the A and B values to be whatever size you wish to create. This function is mostly intended for practices that have a high precentage of rimless work. How many times have you had a customer come in, say they really like a frame design, but the lenses don't fit their face. With the new database option, you can scan in the basic frame, then enhance the B to allow for a better fit. This takes a tremendous workload off the labs who used to guess as to how you would want the lens manipulated. After you've entered a few frames in, you can also use the "Blend Shapes" button. This button allows you to pick the top part and bottom part of a frame, then combine them together with whatever B size you'd like. So you can create an endless array of new lenses to fit the mounting bracket of an already existing frame! If you click on the icon in the upper left hand corner, a new Trim History option allows you to remove history to save disk space and speed find features. Find feature enhanced with first name/lastname combo searches. Removal of the "dial server" option as we no longer support direct dial-in.

The job entry screen has a few new options. "On File" allows you to tell the lab that they should already have the frame shape on file and you want them to use it. "NewFrame" indicates that you wish to purchase the frame from the lab. "Medicaid" brings up a seperate screen that allows you to enter in additional information for medicaid jobs if your lab is authorized to process these jobs(please check with your lab before sending any jobs with medicaid enabled as it does contain patient sensitive data and the lab must be authorized from the state to receive this information).

Starting with 2.0.18, e.lens has beta connectivity to a future version of CompuLink.

Starting with 2.0.21, e.lens has the Wrap frame type. 2.0.21 will become the auto-updated version of e.lens on Feb 23rd, 2006

Windows NT Users
e.lens v2 is designed to run on 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, or XP. e.lens has not been tested with Windows NT, one file that would be required for NT usage would be RASAPI32.DLL. Right click here then click the option "Save Target As" and save to C:\ELENS\RASAPI32.DLL If you have not yet installed the scanner drivers, please consult WinVoice Support at 918-627-5395 for information on installing the SW260 older drivers that may work with Windows NT 4.0

Special Download for e.lens Lab
If ever corruption of the main elens lab executable, right click here and left click Save Target As and save to your c:\elenslab folder. Version 2.0.36

Envoy Watcher v0.7
Click here to download the newer version of the Envoy Watcher that supports the WECO trace I/II tracers.

Envoy Watcher .NET
Click here to download the complete rewrite of Envoy Watcher for .NET. Before using, you must install Microsoft's .NET Framework version 1.1(available via windows update) and an unzipping program(built into XP). This version of Envoy Watcher support Weco Trace I/II, Optronics ASCII, Optronics Binary, Gerber FTX, and an OMA Tracer(compatible with most modern tracers). This new utility has display size calibration, modern communications stack, xml configuration files, and uses the new e.lens display engine.

Envoy Watcher .NET v3.0(e.lens Tracer v3)
Click here to download the .NET envoy watcher that only supports OMA, but supports the Hoya tracer..
Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0
For a version that does -not- do autoupdating, please install the above, then right click here left click save as, and save to your c:\elens\tracer folder after making sure the other copy is not running.